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How to create a new Insights question

How do I create a new Insights question, set the timeframe and see the responses?

Insights are easy and quick to create.

The key to asking a great Insights questions is having a great question to ask!

See Individual Insights and how to use them for some ideas on why you would ask an Insights question.

See How to write a great Insights question for some inspiration on how to create a great question that entices everyone to respond.

How to create a new Insights

You will only be able to create an Individual Insights if you are a Change Manager.

You can either create a new Insights question for the entire organisation or for a specific transformation program group.

To create a new Insights for the whole organisation, go to the Individual Insights tab under  Strategy.

new insights-1

To create a new Insights for a transformation program, firstly choose the Transformation Program from the side bar.

new programs 1-3

Choose the Individual Insights tab and click on the '+' to create the Insight

proram insights

You have 6 question types to choose from:

  • NPS - Net Promotor Score
  • CSat - Customer Satisfaction
  • Multiple Choice
  • Open Text
  • Quad - One overarching question with 2 supporting statements answered via sliders
  • Sliders - A basic slider which represents a single position on a sliding scale and a delta slider which asks for a 2 different positions on one sliding scale (e.g. current and future state).

For all question types

Choose the Insight type and create the question.

You get the chance to preview the survey before sending it out.

insights 2-1

When you click on Preview Survey you are told the following information:

insights 6-1

Audience - Shows who the Insights question will be sent to; either the whole organisation, or the unit/function running the specific transformation program. 

What happens next - Displays the date and time when the Insights question will close to new responses.

The 6 Insight Question Types


1. NPS - Net Promoter Score

This is the preview for the NPS question.


2. CSat - Customer Satisfaction

It may be useful for the CSat question to indicate the scoring you have chosen.  You can do this in the Insights Description field.



3. Multiple Choice

multiple choice

4. Open Text

open text 1

5. Quad

Quad Insights enable you to ask one overarching question and asking the respondents to complete two separate questions or statements, each on a slider.

  • The data from both of these questions or statements are plotted against each other on the same axes.

    quad 1-1

  • Write your overarching question.
  • Write statement 1 and give a Min and Max label for slider 1. 
  • Statement 1 data is displayed on the horizontal axis.
  • Write statement 2 and give a Min and Max label for slider 2. 
  • Statement 2 data is displayed on the vertical axis.

quad 2

The corner labels are useful when you have a clear correlation between the data.  The labels refer to the extreme corners of the quadrant.

6. Sliders

There are two forms of Slider questions you can be asked.

  • The basic slider asks respondents to choose a single position on the slider for their response to a question or statement.
  • The delta slider asks respondents to choose two positions on the same slider - a starting postion and a final/desired position.

For both the basic and delta slider you need to include an overarching question or statement and a question for each slider you wish to use. 

You can have multiple sliders for one single overarching question or statement.

Each slider must have the start and end points labelled.

slider 5

Basic Slider

basic slider 1


Delta Slider

It may be useful in the Insight Description for the Delta Slider to explain the difference between the black circle and the green circle with flag.

delta slider 1