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How to use Insights in a team

What are Insights for teams; when and how to use them.

A team  Insight is a feature that enables leaders to ask a single question from a specific team

Who can create and answer a team Insight question?

  • The team lead, the lead of any team above that team or a Change Manager can create Insight questions for the team.
  • Only the team members and the team lead can answer Insights for their team.
  • Team members, team lead & change managers can see the results can view the responses of a team Insight.

Why use Team Insights?

Insights encourage dialogue and ask people's opinions, to think in a broader context and outside of their normal day to day work. 

Team Insights offer you a variety of ways to start a dialogue with your team so that everyone has the same opportunity to give their opinions and responses.

Specific situations when you could use Team Insights

The team leader or any other leader can ask the team an Insight question:

  • after running a Common Understanding workshop
  • during an OKR implementation to check the buy-in and understanding about the rollout
  • after releasing a new strategic plan or transformation program
  • to check in with people during periods of change, e.g. working from home or hybrid working
  • as a pulse, to ask on every month, every quarter or half-year basis about the level of engagement and energy levels
  • when running a cultural change
  • inviting feedback about the leadership of a team
  • as a template for improvements, e.g. troubleshooting problematic behaviours in a team

Some suggested Insight questions for a team

  • How do you feel about coming to work?
  • What should we change to increase engagement in our team?
  • How can we work more effectively with other teams?
  • How inclusive are we as a team?
  • How well do we treat each other?  
  • What is our current level of energy and motivation? 
  • How is our team functioning?
  • How likely are you to recommend our team to others? (NPS)
  • What could I do as a leader to better improve communication in our team?

    How does the Insight process work?

    Your team members can answer each Insight within a specific timeframe which you decide, typically between 2 - 7 days.

    All responses are anonymised.

    The responses of the Insights are published in the Insights area automatically when the Insights timeframe has closed.

    Always give feedback on the Insight responses

    Giving feedback on the responses reinforces the importance of the answers. Tell the team how you have understood the feedback and what you are going to do about it. It is vital to give feedback every time. 

    You can give your feedback within your team meetings or share it in the Team Context Sharing feature.  This two-way flow of information forms an essential part of the ongoing dialogue in organisations.

    You can give specific feedback on:

    • How you interpreted the responses.
    • What analysis you have made on the answers.
    • What actions you will take based on the responses given.
    • If you choose to take no action, explain why.

    You may find that the Individual Insight has created the need for a further Insight to explore in greater depth what team members have brought up in the original Insight.


    The 6 Insight Question Types

    Insights have six predetermined question forms you can choose from, depending on the type of information that you are looking for and in what form.

    • NPS – Net Promoter Score
    • CSat – Customer Satisfaction
    • Multiple Choice
    • Open Text
    • Sliders – team members give their answers by choosing a position on a sliding scale.
    • Quad – using sliders, respondents answer two questions or statements which are related to an overarching question.  The results are shown in a diagram where answers are plotted on a pair of axes.

    All questions have an Open Text box for people to qualify or give further information on their answer if they wish. 

    You can read more about the six question types in our article What to consider when writing a great Insights question


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