1. Getting started
  2. Digital Facilitation

What is Digital Facilitation?

Digital Facilitation is the feature where you digitally facilitate a conversation within your team by creating questions for them to respond to and then vote upon.

Anyone in a team can create and run a digital facilitation for their team.

It is easy to create the facilitation questions in advance or on the fly.

Digital facilitations can be run in real time or asynchronously by open the responding phase and allowing people time to reflect on the questions before they submit their responses and voting.

During the facilitation the person running it is able to control the time allowed for both responding to questions and voting.

Digital Facilitation automatically:

  • Generates a link to the facilitation questions.
  • Anonymises all responses and votes.
  • Saves all results for team facilitation in the Team area.

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Why would a team use Digital Facilitation?

to …

  • easily facilitate conversations and discussions
  • ensure everybody gets to share their thoughts and opinions
  • gather the thoughts and priorities of your team in the most time effective way
  • get instant feedback from individuals during online meetings
  • find out what is important and what are your team priorities


  • collaborate on key results for team objectives
  • run a retrospective on the OKRs for the past cadence
  • encourage more inquiry in teams
  • identify and define priorities during a Sprint