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How to update a Key Result in TG

How to update the metric and confidence level of a Key Result in TG.

From the My OKR’  click on the Key Result percentage in the red/amber/green lozenge.

OKR line view

There are 3 pieces of information which can be updated:

  • The metric – the current value of the Key Result
  • Your confidence in achieving the Key Result by the end of the period.
  • In the Activity box you can add a comment on the progress of the Key Result and also tag a colleague (who will be notified by email).

update key result-1

Updates to the Key Result will be captured and shown automatically in the Activity panel which is always visible.

All Key Result updates will also be visible in the Activity panel of their related Objective.

Objective activity


To quickly get to this page see: Power User TIP: How do I quickly update my OKRs?