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How to add a Key Result to an Objective in TG

How to add a new Key Result to an existing or newly created Objective.

Once you have created an Objective you add your Key Results.

When you have created your Objective and you have the option to ‘Add Key Result’.

Add Key Result

Writing the Key Result

1. Click on Add Key Result to create and describe it.

Key Result2. Click Create key result to add the numerical data.

new Key Result

Information to complete

  • Starting point - default 0
  • Target you wish to achieve by the end of the period - default is 100
  • Unit - default is percentage 
  • Decide if your Key Result is committed (ie needs to be fully achieved by end of period) or if it is a stretch (where success is defined 70% achievement), see Aspirational (stretch) OKRs versus Committed OKRs.
  • By default all Key Results are weighed the same - 100 see How do weighted Key Results work?
You can measure progress in a Key Result both upwards and downwards. As long as you specify the starting point when you create your Key Result, the progress will be measured in relation to that starting value.