Can't login to a Digital Facilitation

What to do if you experience a logging in issue and the page just hangs. Why can't I login to a Digital Facilitation?

You may sometimes experience a problem logging into a Digital Facilitation from a link that has been sent to you.

You may see the following message:


This 'logging you in' error usually occurs when you have not yet been added as a user in the TG environment.

What to do if you have logged in before

If you know your login details, log in as you normally would.

Choose your team from the left menu

teams I am a member of

Find the most recent Digital Facilitation for your team by clicking the Digital Facilitation tab.  

most recent

What to do if you have not logged in before

Firstly, tell the facilitator running your session you are unable to login and then contact your IT Administrator or help desk to inform them.

Your IT Administrator or help desk will be able to check if you are a user in the TG environment and either add you as a new user or give you instructions how to login for the first time.