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What to do in the TG App with OKRs at the end of the period

How to add a reflection to an OKR in TG and how to continue an Objective into another period.

At the end of the period it is important to reflect back on the success and achievement of the individual Key Results and the Objective as a whole. 

Dependent on the level of completion of the Objective, you may decide to continue it into another period.  You can choose to roll over the Objective with or without its Key Results.

How to add a reflection to an Objective at the end of the period

The Reflections feature appears in the final 2 weeks of the period, whilst it is optional, it is a valuable feature. 

  • This is shown for the user when there's less than 15 full days left until the last second of the OKR period in the users local timezone.


There are two optional areas for you to complete.


Objective Grade & Reflection

You can score on a scale, how much progress you made towards achieving the Objective and add in any comments to support your progress.

Reflections are valuable to complete at the end of every period.  You may choose to complete a Reflection for each Objective with your team members - particularly if some of them have owned the Key results which contributed to the Objective.

The completed Reflections are then valuable when the whole team get together and run a retrospective for the OKRs at the end of the period.

How to continue an Objective in another period

You may decide that your Objective should be rolled over or continued into the upcoming period. 

This is useful to do if you have originally planned that the Objective would take longer than one period to complete, or if the progress was not as expected and the Objective is still of value.


Decide in which period you would like to continue the Objective and if you would like to include the Key Results.



If you choose to continue with the Key Results, the Objective is rolled over and Key Results are  are included with their current progress and confidence level.  The activity history is not rolled over with the Objective or Key Results.

If you choose to continue without the Key Results, the objective is rolled over and will need new Key Results for the new period.

Will the Objective still be aligned when I continue in another period?

It is important to note that if the Objective you are choosing to continue in another period is aligned with another objective - including an annual company objective; you will need to realign the objective in the new period.