What is Context Sharing?

Context Sharing is the first page you see when you log in. This is where you will be able to read the story about where your organisation is heading and why.

Context Sharing is dynamic feature and can be easily updated to reflect changes which you want to quickly to communicate to everybody.

It is the single source of truth for your Strategy or Transformation; to communicate, engage and align everyone with the same messages.


Context Sharing 1

Context Sharing often includes information on your organisation:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

You will also see additional information about your organisation such as:

  • Where you are right now as an organisation.
  • Why you are making changes in your organisation and what these changes are.
  • What you believe the benefits of the change will be.
  • What will you start to focus on as an organisation.


To be more compelling in your story telling and in how you’re communicating you can use a variety of media to show your information including videos, images and external links.

The Transformation sliders are an easy way to visualise the strategy in a nutshell; to show where you are currently and where you are heading for. 

Slider 4

This will be comparing what can often be described as two conflicting positions, for example:

  • Small customers versus Large customers
  • Control versus Autonomy
  • Optimize the flow versus Optimize local delivery