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What are Individual Insights and why am I being asked to answer one?

FAQ about Insights - including: What are individual Insights? When are they used? What types of questions could be asked?

An Insight is a single question that is asked either of the whole organisation (or a specific team/unit working on a separate transformation program) and is used to encourage dialogue and gain information.

Why do organisations use Insights?

Insights questions are immediately helpful for organisations to get feedback from everyone about what they think about what is happening in the organisation.

To respond to change, organisations need to know what works and what doesn’t. Insights quickly gather information to understand from a range of different points of view what could be changed and/or what could be done differently.

Are Insight responses anonymous?

Yes, all responses to Insights questions are anonymous.  

Everybody can view all the responses for the organisation as a whole or by team/unit.  To preserve anonymity, if a team contains less than 5 people, the responses are grouped with the team above.

If a team has more than 5 members and there are fewer than 5 responses from this team, these responses are not aggregated.

Can I change my Insight response once I have submitted it?

You can continue to add to or amend your Insight response as many times as you wish until the time frame has elapsed.

How much time do I have to respond to an Insights question?

Each Insights questions needs to be responded to within a specific time frame, usually no longer than 7 days.

Once the time frame for responding has elapsed the Insight is closed to new repsonses.

The submitted responses are published on the Insights page as soon as the time frame has elapsed.

How do I view the responses to an Insights question?

Once the time frame for responding has elapsed, the Insight is closed to new repsonses and all submitted responses are published under the Insights tab.

There is an Insights tab for the company strategy and for each transformation program you are a member of.

What are individual insights and wyh am I being asked to answere one

What kind of questions can be asked as an Insight?

Here are 6 different question types which can be used with an example for each of them.

1. NPS - Net Promoter Score

Example: How likely are you to recommend our products and services to family and friends?

2. CSat - Customer Satisfaction

Example: How satisfied are you with the communication about the transformation program?

Respondants are asked to answer with a number from 1 to 5.

3. Multi-Choice

Example: How easy do we make it to solve problems in our organisation?

  • Very difficult
  • Somewhat difficult
  • Somewhat easy
  • Very easy

4. Open Text

Example: How do you feel the management team is driving the change in our organisation?

5. Sliders

There are two forms of Slider questions you can be asked.

  • The basic slider asks respondents to choose a single position on the slider for their response to a question or statement.
  • The delta slider asks respondents to choose two positions on the same slider - a starting postion and a final/desired position.


Basic Slider: How confident do you feel in creating OKRs?

(measured from Not at all confident to Totally confident)

Delta Slider: Think about the level of autonomy you have in your current role.  How is it now and how would you like it to be?

(measured from No autonomy to Complete autonomy).

6. Quad

Quad questions use 2 statements or questions to answer one overarching question.  the results of the 2 statements/questions re then plotted against each other on a pair of axes.

Example: Insight – How have you been at work recently?

Statement 1 – my recent feelings at work
• measured from miserable to great
Statement 2 – my recent energy levels at work
• measured from low to high