TG Navigation overview

An overview of the simple and easy navigation in the TG App.

General Navigation

TG navigation places all your menu choices on the streamlined sidebar.




All the teams you are a member of are visible by default.

new teams-1


Your company strategy and all transformation programs are available in one place.

You will automatically see your Company Strategy and all your transformation programs by default.  

new programs 1-2

Page Navigation

Navigation for the Company Strategy and Transformation Programs is found directly on the Context Sharing page as separate tabs.

new context sharing 1

Both the Company strategy and each Transformation Program have 4 tabs.

  • Context Sharing
  • Common Understanding
  • Individual Insights 
  • Settings

The Settings tab is visible for the Change Manager only.

Common Understanding tab

new common understanding

Individual Insights tab

new insights-1

Objectives Icon

new objective

The Objectives icon gives you some extra navigation features.

You can:

view the Objectives - VIEW

See the Objective alignment - ALIGN

See how the Objectives fit into the Line or Matrix teams in your organisation - CHART


new OKR 1


Views tab 

The view tab icon

The Views icon enables you to see all the line or virtual teams either in an organisational chart view or as a list of teams in alphabetical order.


The image above shows the line teams in an organisational chart view. If you have any virtual teams, they would be shown when you click the Virtual Teams tab.

When you select a specific team in the chart by clicking on the team icon you are taken to the team Context Sharing page. 

You can choose between the organisational chart view or a list view by clicking on the corresponding icons in the right up corner. 


In the list view, you can select any team by clicking on the team or searching for it by name in the search icon. 

When you select a specific team in the list view, you are taken to the team Context Sharing page. 


How to configure your individual Settings

You can directly access the TG Knowledge Base and see which version of TG you are running by clicking on your avatar.


To access additional settings, click on your avatar.

The additional settings enable you to:

  • upload a new avatar
  • configure your notifications
  • configure your language  - English, Finnish or French