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Team Context Sharing

How to use the new team Context Sharing pages.

What is Team Context Sharing?

Team Context Sharing pages allow teams to manage and communicate  relevant content for their team

One of the most valuable uses of the team Context Sharing feature is to set up Game Plans.

Game Plans show operational alignment and identification of interlocks and share the story and narrative that go alongside your OKRs.

team context sharing1

Your Game Plan will include

  • Team Vision & Purpose
  • Team Values, Drivers & Principles
  • Objectives & Key Results for the team
  • Methods and Plans to win
  • Obstacles and dependencies

Feel free to adapt to fit your situation.


We’re more than happy to set up a sparring conversation to discuss how you might best benefit from this - contact us directly sales@tangible-growth.com

How to create a Team Context Sharing Page

The team lead has the rights to create and edit the Context Cards which contain the content for the page (see How do I create and edit Context Cards?).


team context sharing 2

Any change Manager in your orgnisation will also be able to create and edit any Team Context Sharing pages.