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OKRs - what happens if somebody leaves or our team structure changes?

What happens to both Objectives and Key Results when somebody leaves your organisation or you want to delete a team?

What happens to OKRs when someone leaves?

When you remove a user from TG you will be asked to confirm before you delete them, as their OKRs will not have any owners.

delete user

Their Objectives and Key Results will still appear in TG, with the user avatar named as 'user does not exist'.

user does not exist

You can reassign both Objectives and Key Results to other people by clicking on the pencil, searching for the new owner and reassigning.


What happens to team OKRs when we change our structure and delete a team?

All OKRs are kept in TG unless they are specifically deleted.  This allows you to capture the learnings and progress of the OKR before the team was removed from TG and use it to inform your future planning.  

The team OKRs for a team that has been deleted from TG still remain in TG and will still appear on the OKR dashboard of whoever owns the Objective or Key Result until deleted. 

Once the team is deleted from TG, the area that would usually indicate the team name is now blank.

missing team name2

It is still possible to open the Objective and Key Result.  The area that would reference the team name is blank.

missing team name

What happens to OKRs when we change our structure and delete users and a team?

If a team and individual are both removed then the OKR can still be searched for using a keyword but won't be visible anywhere unless it is searched for.

OKR search

Team OKRs are not affected if the team name changes.

Team Objectives are not able to be reassigned or copied across to a different team - for example if one team merges with another team.