How to follow teams and see related teams by hierarchy.

Search and follow teams that you work closely with and/or are interested in their OKRs and Game Plans.

Often you will work closely with other teams, have dependencies with them or identified obstacles that you need help with.

In these situations it is great to be able to easily access their current activity, OKRs  and Game Plans.


You can easily search for a team from the left hand menu bar.


Using a single keyword you can search for the teams you wish to follow.

search teamsFollow

To follow a team that you are not a member of, you just click on the star in the upper right hand corner of the team Game Plan.

team members

The star will turn green and this team will then appear in your left hand menu under the heading 'following'

Teams Menu

Team Hierarchy

To see how any team is related to other teams you click hierarchy icon next to the star.

team hierarchyThis list shows teams that are above, alongside and below the team you are viewing.

OKR Filter

If you want to follow their OKRs, you can create a custom filter - click here to see how to do this.