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Why use Common Understanding?

This article describes how organisations can benefit from using Common Understanding.

Often it is hard to know if your people are aligned with your strategy change or transformation program. Alignment can be difficult because people interpret what the change means to them through their own experiences particularly when you rely on traditional top-down forms of communication. 

Common Understanding is a method to ensure alignment to your transformation or change programs. It is also a feature  which enables you to see at one glance how your strategy is understood and how aligned your teams are. 

By focusing teams on how to best align themselves to the strategy change or transformation program, Common understanding helps them manage and understand the change and make it meaningful for them.


When would we use Common Understanding?

Common Understanding workshops can be used for strategy updates or significant transformation programs as well as when you want to make some changes to your culture or roll out new ways of working. They can also help when you want to gain alignment in improving internal optimization, like when you're using a lean transformation or redefining values.

What does Common understanding look like in TG?

Workshops are cascaded out from the leadership team.  Information from these workshops is input into the app and brings clarity and transparency across your organisation.

comm understanding

What are some specific benefits from running Common Understanding?

  • everyone receives the same key messages about a new transformation/strategy with teams.
  • for everyone to understand a new transformation/strategy and what it means for them.
  • for everyone to have the chance to air concerns or ask any questions about the new transformation/strategy.
  • for teams to discuss and prioritise what is important for them about the new transformation/strategy.
  • everyone can see how onboard and aligned each is team is with the new transformation/strategy.