Suggestions for Context Sharing content

Context Sharing is where everyone enters TG -so it's important the content you put here is kept current and relevant.

Context Sharing is the single source of truth for your Strategy or Transformation; to communicate, engage and align everyone with the same messages. 

The content can be created and edited by anyone who has Admin rights within TG. 

When you design and craft your Context Sharing page, think about the impact you are looking to create within your organisation.
• What are the key messages you want to share?
• What is the clearest and most appealing way to share those messages?
• How will you make the page engaging and enticing for people to read?

Stable Content versus Dynamic Content

A balance between stable and dynamic content will help keep your context sharing page fresh and invite everyone to read the latest changes as this will be the first thing they see when logging in.

Stable content could include:
• Your organisation Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values
• Where you are right now as an organisation.
• Why you are making changes in your organisation and what these changes are.
• What you believe the benefits of the change will be.
• What will you start to focus on as an organisation.

Dynamic content can be thought of as the headlines in an online newspaper – these would be changing regularly.

Dynamic content could include:
• What’s going well for the organisation right now / What are the organisation current challenges
• Links to news about the organisation
• OKR status
• Transformation sliders
• Latest organisation responses to an Individual Insights
• Latest NPS / CSat scores from customers
• Links to articles/blogs written by employees
• How the organisation supports wellbeing during Covid

Maintaining the Context Sharing page

  • Think about how often you want to update the content, is it going to be weekly or bi-weekly?
  • If you expect everyone to log in multiple times in one week to view their OKRs or to use Digital Facilitation, what new content will draw them into the context Sharing page and interest them?
  • Who will be the gatekeeper(s) for the content?  There is real value in having 1 or 2 nominated people in your organisation who maintain the Context Sharing page and keep it updated with fresh content.

Suggestions for Contex Sharing content