How do we get started using Game Plans?

How can we implement Game Plans in our organisation?

A Game Plan outlines to the whole organisation what needs to be done to execute against the strategy at a function or team level

Game Plans...

  • Drive strategy execution alignment
  • Show how each function, unit, team have internalized & intends to execute against strategy
  • Enable teams & individuals know what is expected of them and understand their impact in the organisation

How to implement Game Plans

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Start of the year - Game Plans are created for the year 

  • The leadership team Game Plan is created in TG.
  • Each Function and team creates their own Game Plan in TG once the leadership Game Plan is completed.
During each period
  • Each team uses their game plans as their strategic 'action plan' and in particular reviews the Methods & Plans and Obstacles & Dependencies to ensure that their Game Plan remains fit for purpose.
  • The Game Plan needs to remain aligned with the OKRs.
End of each period
  • Review and update the appropriate components in the Game Plan during the retrospective, to ensure the OKRs for the upcoming period will be achieved.

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