How do we get started using Game Plans?

How can we implement Game Plans in our organisation?

A Game Plan will outline to the whole organisation what needs to be done to execute against the strategy at a function or team level

How to implement Game Plans

see also What are Game Plans

Start of the period

  • The leadership team Game Plan is completed in TG.
  • Each Function and team completes their own Game Plan in TG once the leadership Game Plan is completed.
During the period
  • Each team reviews the Methods & Plans and Obstacles & Dependencies to ensure that their Game Plan remains fit for purpose.
  • The Game Plan needs to remain aligned with the OKRs.
End of the period
  • Review and update the appropriate components in the Game Plan, to ensure the OKRs for the upcoming period will be achieved.

Game Plan Workshop – a suggested high level agenda 

Function and Team level workshops facilitated by their manager

  • Face to face - using a whiteboard & Digital Facilitation
  • Remotely - using Miro/Mural and Digital Facilitation

  • Share the context - share any higher level team and function Game Plans as a baseline for this Game Plan.
  • Share rationale for why the organisation is using Game Plans.
  • Set outcome based goals (OKRs) for upcoming period.
Complete the other components as required - See the article How to run a Game Plan workshop as it contains the specific questions you could use to facilitate the workshop.
  • Team Vision & Purpose.
  • Team Values, Drivers & Principles.
  • Specify what methods and action will be taken to achieve your goals. Each action should have a timeframe for delivery and an owner.
  • Identify potential obstacles and challenges, including those with other functions/teams.
  • Identify those areas that are not a focus for this period.
Post workshop steps
  • Share and discuss your Game Plan with manager and highlight Methods and Obstacles.
  • Put Game Plan and OKRs in TG
  • Ensure Game Plans continue to reflect the current OKR status during weekly or biweekly check–ins.