How do I create and edit Context cards?

Context cards can be moved around the Context Sharing page by simply dragging them to the desired position. They can be created or edited easily.

 How do I create a new context card?

Click on the green circle in the top right-hand corner.

NoteWhen viewing the context sharing page, it is possible to click on a card and expand the view. When you create a context card, you can choose what is seen in both the minified (default) and expanded views.

context sharing-1

How do I create context card elements?

  • You can create your context Card choosing from 2 Themes - Light or Dark.
  • Your Context Card has two view options:
    • The Minified or standard view which is how it appears within the context Sharing Page.  
    • You can also click on a Context Card so it can be Expanded.

See Below: How do I edit Context Card elements, for more detail on Minified & Expanded Views

context card

Click on ‘+’ to add elements to the context card. 

Elements refer to the content you want to put into the Context Card. 

You can add:

  • Text 
  • Media
  • Status
  • Divider

  • There are 4 text elements 

text menu

  • There are 3 Media elements

media menu

  • There are 3 Status elements for the Organisation Context Sharing page

status menu

  • There are 4 Status elements for the team Context Sharing page.
active team OKRs

  • The Divider has only one element and no options

All the elements are easy to create and edit.

Just one element, the transformation sliders, may need a small explanation.

The slider compares two, often contrasting states - an example of two contrasting states could be Control and Autonomy.


The black circle represents your current position and the green flag, your future position.

You slide these icons along the line to show your current position and desired future position.

How do I edit context card elements?

Click on the 3 dots on the top right hand corner of the Context Card to edit or remove the card.
FAB button

The card below has 3 elements, an overline, a picture and a paragraph.

edit context card 1

If we choose to edit the picture element, you have 4 options in addition to the ‘+’.

edit context card 2

oneGrab your element and move it around the card in relation to the other elements you have added.

twoCrop images and edit web links and video links.

threeChoose what is visible in the Minified (default) view of the card and also the Expanded view.

When you have chosen to view or hide an element, the Toggle Preview option allows you to preview what you have chosen.

For example, this context card has 6 elements:

context card elements-2

Let's say we want to hide the Paragraph text in the Expanded View:


Toggle 2

toggle 3

fourClick the Bin to remove the element from the card.